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GRP Enclosures

Allbrox Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Wall Mount Electrical Enclosures

Strength and Corrosion Resistance

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) is a lightweight, extremely strong and robust material. GRP Electrical Enclosures are available in a large range of sizes and can be customised to meet your requirements.

GRP is an excellent choice of material for outdoor electrical enclosures due to exceptional electrical and UV properties. As DMC and SMC are compound materials, freedom of design is available in terms of strength, conductivity, surface finish, colour and chemical compatibility.

These materials combine high mechanical and physical properties with low cost without compromising quality.

 Part NumberDescription 
ALL-003Allbrox 3 - Size: 350H x 250W x 200D
ALL-004Allbrox 4 - Size: 400H x 300W x 200D
ALL-004-CLEARPCAllbrox 4 - Size: 400H x 300W x 200D - Clear Lid
ALL-005Allbrox 5 - Size: 500H x 350W x 200D
ALL-005-CLEARPCAllbrox 5 - Size: 500H x 350W x 200D - Clear Lid
ALL-006Allbrox 6 - Size: 600H x 400W x 200D
ALL-006-CLEARPCAllbrox 6 - Size: 600H x 400W x 200D - Clear Lid
ALL-007Allbrox 7 - Size: 828H x 709W x 287D
ALL-008Allbrox 8 - Size: 1000H x 800W x 320D
ALL-004/IN/DOORAllbrox 4 Inner Door
ALL-005/IN/DOORAllbrox 5 Inner Door
ALL-006/IN/DOORAllbrox 6 Inner Door
ALL-004-DB-KITAllbrox 4 Distribution Board Kit Flat Packed
ALL-005-DB-KITAllbrox 5 Distribution Board Kit Flat Packed
ALL-006-DB-KITAllbrox 6 Distribution Board Kit Flat Packed
22.3.25.W/KKey Lockable Wing Knob
10111PCFlush padlockable swing handle - complete chrome
10111PS/SFlush padlockable swing handle - stainless steel

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