Weidmuller WDU 2.5mm Beige Screw Connection Terminal
WAP 2.5-10 End Plate - Partition Plate to suit WDU - Weidmuller
ZQV 2.5N/10 Cross Connector A Series - Weidmuller
WEW 35-2 End Bracket to suit WDU
Weidmuller Terminal Marker Strip 1-10 - price per strip
AEP 2C 2.5 End Plate for A Series Push-in Terminals - Weidmuller
Weidmuller Terminal Marker Strip 11-20 - price per strip
A2C 2.5 Feed-through terminal, PUSH IN, 2.5 mm², 800 V, 24 A, Dark Beige
Weidmuller WPE 2.5mm Earth Terminal
AEP 4C 2.5 End Plate for A Series Terminals - Weidmuller
WAP 16+35 WTW 2.5-10 W Series End Plate, Separation Plate - Weidmuller
Weidmuller WPE 4mm Earth Terminal
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