Electrical Enclosure Accessories

Functional electrical enclosure accessories.

electrical enclosure accessories

Customise with Electrical Enclosure Accessories

When you need more than just a standard box, we have a range of functional electrical enclosure accessories to help you build the enclosure to suit your specific application.

Whether it’s a rainhood for extra weatherproof protection, an inner door for making lockable control panels, or a non-standard lock or handle, we have you covered. We keep many accessories in stock. If we don’t have it, we can source it and ship it in, guaranteed. We also stock a range of electrical enclosure climate control products.

Enclosures can also be supplied with accessories already fitted for your convenience, through our custom enclosure services. Be sure to ask about this service if required.

electrical enclosure accessories
electrical enclosure rain hoods

Rain Hoods

Electrical Enclosure Rainhoods are required to prevent settling and building up of liquids, corrosive solids, minerals, dust, dirt and debris on top of an electrical enclosure.

electrical enclosure inner doors

Inner Doors

Inner doors enable operators to access control equipment inside an enclosure while maintaining separation of hazardous voltage equipment within the hazardous voltage area behind the inner door.

electrical enclosure vent hoods

Vent Hoods

Tro Pacific provide vent hoods to increase protection of vents, vent filters and internal components. The top of vent hoods are inclined to prevent settling and building up of liquids, corrosive solids, minerals, dust, dirt and debris on top of the vent hood.

electrical enclosure sun shields

Sun Shields

Optional sun shields (solar shields) are fitted to external surfaces to assist in controlling the internal temperature of the electrical enclosure or electrical cabinet.

electrical enclosure shelves


Shelf systems have many uses and can be used for component separation or battery storage.

electrical enclosure wiring plan pockets

Wiring Plan Pockets

Wiring plan pockets and document storage pockets can be provided to fasten to the inside lower half of each access door to provide space for the storage of site documentation.

electrical enclosure locks and handles

Locks and Handles

Tro Pacific provide a full range of electrical enclosure locks, handles and keys to provide alternative locking options for your electrical enclosure.These can be supplied fitted upon request.

electrical enclosure wall mount brackets

Wall Mounting Brackets

Tro Pacific provide a range of electrical enclosure wall mounting brackets for steel and stainless steel electrical enclosures.

electrical enclosure pole mount brackets

Pole Mount Brackets

Tro Pacific provide electrical enclosure pole mount bracket kits in steel and stainless steel to suit all sizes of electrical enclosures.

electrical enclosure stands


Tro Pacific provide a large range of electrical enclosure stands in Steel and Grade 316 Stainless Steel to suit all sizes.

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