Enclosure Climate Control

Heating, cooling, ventilation, filtering for enclosure climate control.

enclosure climate control

Enclosure Climate Control for Sensitive Electronics

Certain electrical applications require the temperature to be within an ideal range or need adequate ventilation to prevent overheating.

If heat is an issue, we can offer a range of ventilation units including fans, grilles and vents, or airconditioning units for more extreme requirements.

Enclosure climate control air conditioning units can also be used for situations where the enclosure needs to be heated.

Thermostatic controls are available in either instance to ensure consistent temperature.

We can also provide climate control products fully fitted into custom electrical enclosures.

enclosure climate control
enclosure air conditioners

Enclosure Air Conditioners

Our range of 240vAC and 48vDC air conditioners are specifically designed to perform enclosed area climate control. Suitable for outdoor environments with IP55 protection between the internal and external interface to minimise the ingress of dust and moisture into the electrical enclosure or cabinet.

enclosure top ventilators

Cabinet Top Ventilators

High power Cabinet Top Ventilators (Roof Mounted Fans) can vent a high heat load through the top of electrical enclosures and cabinets.

enclosure ventilation fans

Ventilation Fans and Filters

Fans and filters are quick and easy to fix (click into place), and form a seal to IP54. The long life expectancy and low maintenance design makes them almost ‘fit and forget’.

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