Idec & Tro Pacific Australian Partnership

IDEC, a Japanese-based global company founded in 1945 with sales revenue of 31.1 billion yen in 2011, manufacture control devices and systems, factory automation system components, peripheral control components, explosion-protected products, and other electrical devices. With offices and distribution in over 40 countries worldwide and over 35 years in Australia, IDEC appointed Tro-Pacific as authorised resellers for Australia.

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The Pursuit of Perfection

For Tro Pacific’s customers, what sets IDEC products above the rest is that for more than 65 years the time honoured philosophy of the relentless pursuit of perfection originating from ancient Japan has been the driving force inspiring Idec to design the best in industrial control products. Idec’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality and safety produces products that exceed the highest industry standards. In this era of great technological change, Tro Pacific and Idec are dedicated to offering customers the most innovative and highest quality products available for applications when only the best will do.


IDEC Izumi is known worldwide for its quality and reliability in the pushbutton industry. Idec believe that even a simple switch must do more than just turn a piece of equipment on or off, it must deliver an unparalleled experience. Idec engineers spend years researching and testing just to develop the ideal shape, size and feel for their switches.


Idec’s commitment is also seen in the sharp, crisp images and superior visibility of Idec’s operator interface touchscreens. Through diligence and hard work, Idec have been able to generate intense, true-to-life screens by originating a process in which a dual screen memory buffer produces a smoother transition between screens. Tro Pacific are confident that this will ensure customer satisfaction.


Known as the pioneer in the micro-PLC market, Idec made a bold decision to develop the fastest micro-PLC in its class. By adding a logic engine to micro PLC’s, Idec enabled them to process faster, freeing up the main processor for additional functions. Idec continue to innovate, making complex machine automation simpler for engineers designing them.

Safety & E-Stops

Idec place the highest value on providing customers with the safest products in the world. Existing emergency stops only protect users under normal circumstances but are not sufficient if the emergency device itself is damaged. Idec’s unique Safe Break Action is incorporated into emergency stop switches making them the safest on the market.

Download the IDEC 22mm YW Series Catalogue

IDEC 22mm YW Series Control and Signalling Catalogue
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