Tro Pacific is helping to solve challenges facing Australian industries by providing industry-specific electrical and automation products and solutions.

Agriculture & Irrigation

Grains, Horticulture, Livestock, Dairy, Wheat, Sugar, Cotton & Aquaculture Industries

Tro Pacific helps Australian producers and processors secure the global food chain.


Commercial and General Construction Industries

Tro Pacific remains at the forefront of latest technology to provide innovative, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for our ever-changing world.

Data & Telecommunications Industries

Data Centres, Telecommunication Technology, Industrial Communication Technologies

Tro Pacific assists end users, contractors and OEM’s by increasing accessibility of innovative technology to serve the data and telecommunications industries and wider Australian industries as they incorporate latest technology into facilities, production processes and equipment.


Air, Sea and Land Defence

Tro Pacific provides a range of niche products to the Australian Defence industry including direct to Government bodies and for the supply chain to the Defence industry.

Food & Beverage

Food, Beverage, Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Confectionery, Bakery & Snack-food Industries.

Tro Pacific helps food and beverage processors reduce costs, increase profits and return value to stakeholders to ensure future growth of their on-shore operations.

Infrastructure & Utilities

Road, Rail, Reticulation, Energy Industries

Tro Pacific partners with end users and suppliers to end users to ensure highest quality, best fit and best value products and solutions are utilised to ensure optimal asset performance over the project life cycle.

Manufacturing & Industrials

Industrial, Process, Chemical, Fertilisers and Manufacturing Industries

Tro Pacific helps Australian manufacturers remain competitive amidst increased global competition.

Medical, Health & Pharmaceutical

Medical Centres, Health Care Facilities & Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Tro Pacific serve their customers delivering medical and pharmaceutical facility maintenance and upgrade projects.

Mining & Minerals

Iron Ore, Coal, Copper, Gold, Cement, Mineral Mines, Quarries

Tro Pacific helps miners cut costs via electrical equipment cost reduction programme.

Oil & Gas

Upstream Oil & Gas Facilities, Refineries, Pipelines, Tank Farms & LNG Facilities

Tro Pacific provides Australian petroleum production and exploration organisations with local access to global brands to reduce supply chain risks.

Renewable Energy Industry

Solar, Wind

Tro Pacific enable customers to safely transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy generation, distribution and storage using latest technology and highest quality global brands.


WTP, WWTP, Pump Stations, On-Farm and Off-Farm Irrigation, Industrial Process Water

Tro Pacific partners with customers to help solve global sustainable water management challenges.

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