Mining & Minerals

Iron Ore, Coal, Copper, Gold, Cement, Mineral Mines, Quarries

Tro Pacific helps miners cut costs via automation and cost reduction programme.

Today, the Mining Industry is faced with challenges of volatile economies, fluctuating commodity prices, declining extraction grades, remote locations, globalisation, high costs, the increased need for safety, environmental protection and water management to name a few. Tro Pacific understand the challenges facing this industry and are assisting organisations by providing industry-specific electrical and automation products and solutions.

Discover a full range of industry-specific Solutions for the Mining Industry and how partnering with a leading industrial electrical and automation solution provider can benefit your organisation.

We provide electrical and automation products and solutions to mining facilities, major contractors, equipment manufacturers and sub-contractors for a wide range of equipment including:

  • Air system applications
  • Conveyors and material handling equipment
  • Cranes, hoists and lifting devices
  • Control panels, switchboards and general electrical
  • Drilling, boring and blasting equipment
  • Dust control systems
  • Energy analysis and sustainability
  • Fluid control systems
  • Hydraulic¬†applications
  • Instrumentation
  • Mineral processing equipment
  • Mobile lighting plants
  • Motor control applications
  • Monitoring applications
  • Oil water separation
  • Positioning system applications
  • Pumping applications
  • Remote wireless control applications
  • Safety systems
  • Spraying system applications
  • Washbay applications
  • Water management applications

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