Update 06/04/20 - We are fully operational and open every day from 7am - 5pm AEST. Staff alternate working from home for safety, but our cloud based systems mean we can operate as per normal and this doesn't affect our capabilities. Stock is arriving generally as scheduled, there are some minor delays in Australian Customs for certain IP Enclosures products of 1-2 weeks.
Update 23/03/20 - We are fully operational and open every day from 7am - 5pm AEST. We've implemented strict sanitation and social distancing rules to ensure our staff are safe and can continue to serve you. We have ample stock holdings and additional stock arriving regularly with no delays.


NOTICE - Due to COVID-19 health precautions we can no longer allow walk-in business or order pickups until further notice. Please contact us for other options. 



Many businesses in Australia are currently experiencing uncertainty around their supply chains due to the global disruption caused by the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. Indeed, you may have already experienced this in your own business, and we would like to extend our sympathies to those such affected.

If there's anything we can do to help your business through these times please reach out. We have contacts in many areas of goods and services, e.g. local and international freight, consulting and accounting, etc. and we are happy to make connections.

Our status

We would like to take a moment to reassure our customers that our supply chains at Tro Pacific are largely insulated from the manufacturing lockdowns in the hardest hit areas. We do not predict any stock shortages for the brands we distribute, and in fact we are increasing our stock holdings of certain lines to ensure supply is available to those businesses who may be urgently seeking alternative suppliers.

In addition, we've adopted a few key mantras to ensure we have the best possible approach to this crisis:
  • Adaptability - We are altering our practices in line with global and Australian demands to meet the needs of our clients’ where possible
  • Nimbleness - Things are fluid and rapidly changing by the hour and we have daily staff briefings to ensure our frontline staff can evolve with the situation to deliver the best result to our clients
  • Communication - We all need to unite to continue business throughout Australia. Our staff have the authority to make decisions on the front line to ensure the best outcome for our clients and the Tro Family
  • Protection - We have put in place as many practical safeguards as possible to ensure we have the least disruption in our business and can continue to support our clients
  • Positivity - Last but not least, we're keeping our spirits up and we're totally committed to coming out of this stronger than ever!
Any questions, comments or concerns please get in touch, we love to hear from you.