LS Contactor Metasol 3 Pole 24VAC Coil 22A(AC3)/40A(AC1) 11kW

Brand: LS

Product Code: MC-22B-24VAC

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LS - 3 Pole 24V N/O (AC Coils) 1a 1b 11kW 22A (AC3) - 40A (AC1) Magnetic Contactor

- 3-pole(N/O) main contact
- Finger proof design
- DIN rail or screw mountable
- AC or DC control in different physical size
- Front/side mountable accessories available
- Direct mountable overload relay available Rating
- 1NO1NC Auxiliary contact built-in as standard.
- UA-1 is available on only left side
- Degree of protection: IP20

Contactor type MC-22b
kW A
AC duty AC3 200/240V 5.5 22
380/440V 11 22
500/550V 15 20
690V 15 18
AC4 200/240V 3.7 18
380/440V 5.5 13
AC1 - 45
Directly mountable Overload relay MT-32
Conductor size (solid, stranded)
(the max. number of conducts: 2)
AWG 14~8
mm² 2.5~10
Conductor type 65/75 Cu-wire only