Weidmuller Power Supply PROtop 24V 480W 20 Amp

Brand: Weidmuller

Product Code: 2466890000

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PRO TOP1 480W 24V 20A Switch-Mode Power Supply Unit - Weidmuller

High-end power supplies must perform efficiently and reliably, even in challenging industrial environments. This requires high power reserves, a long service life and optimal protection against overvoltage, vibration and extreme temperature conditions. New DCL technology gives PROtop an outstanding dynamic range. This can be used for the reliable triggering of circuit breakers or for powerful motor starts.

Product Specifications

AC input voltage range 85…277 V AC
Connection system PUSH IN
DC input voltage range 80 ... 410 V DC
Dielectric strength max. 300 V AC ≤ 15 s
Frequency range AC 45…65 Hz
Input fuse (internal) Yes
Inrush current max. 5 A
Power factor input > 0.9
Rated input voltage 100 - 240 V AC / 120 - 340 V DC
Surge protection Varistor
DCL - peak load reserve 150 % (5 s); 500 % (15 ms)
Connection system PUSH IN
Mains failure bridge-over time > 20 ms @ 115V AC/ 230 VAC
Output power 480 W
Output voltage 24 V
Output voltage 22.5...29 V
Parallel connection option Passive Current Sharing
Protection against inverse voltage Yes
Ramp-up time ≤ 100 ms
Rated (nominal) output current @ UNom 20 A @ 60 °C
Rated output voltage 24 V DC ± 1 %
Reserve capacity @ URated 130% permanent at ≤ 40°C
Residual ripple, breaking spikes < 50 mVss @ UNenn, Full Load
Triggerable circuit breakers C2, C4, C6, B6, B10, B16
General Data  
AC failure bridging time @ INom > 20 ms @ 230 V AC / > 20 ms @ 115 V AC
Degree of efficiency 93%
Derating > 60°C (2.5% / 1°C)
Earth leakage current, max. 3.5 mA
Housing version Metal, corrosion resistant
MTBF > 1.000.000 h according IEC 1709 (SN29500)
Mounting position, installation notice Horizontal on DIN rail TS 35, top and bottom 50 mm clearance for free air flow, 10 mm clearance to neighbouring active subassemblies with full load, 5 mm with passive neighbouring subassemblies, direct row mounting with 90% rated load
Operating temperature -25 °C...70 °C
Power factor (approx.) > 0.90 @ 230 V AC
Power loss, idling 10 W
Power loss, nominal load 36.1 W
Protection degree IP20
Series switching capability Yes
Short-circuit protection Yes, internal
Surge voltage category III
ROHS Conform