Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Industry – Solar and Wind

Tro Pacific provide enclosures and balance of system components for the renewable energy market.

After over 100 years of a fossil fuel driven world, the world is ready in terms of the alignment of technology, investment, government support and market receptiveness to transform from fossil fuels to renewables. The rise of distributed renewable energy storage is coinciding with the rise of data technology. From the home to the workplace and the vehicle in between, nothing is off limits. The future is here and Tro Pacific is positioned as a key supplier at the forefront of the global revolution.

Discover a full range of industry-specific Solutions for the Solar Industry and how partnering with a leading industrial electrical and automation solution provider can benefit your organisation.

We stock and sell and wide range of components for wind, solar and other renewable energy sources including:

  • Battery system applications
  • Battery enclosure applications
  • Connection systems
  • DC power distribution applications
  • Energy analysis and sustainability
  • Solar farm applications
  • Wind farm applications

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