Solar Solutions

Custom solutions for solar installations, farms, storage and monitoring.

Do you select or purchase solar products for residential, commercial or utility scale projects for the Australian renewable energy industry and need to deliver your project on time and cost-effectively using high quality compliant solar solutions? We can help. Tro Pacific provides a full range of solar components including solar enclosures, MC4 connectors, DC isolators, DC circuit protection and signage.

In addition, we provide tested and certified pre-assembled solar solutions including PV string combiner boxes for residential, commercial and utility scale photovoltaic systems.

String combiner boxes are designed in accordance with the latest Australian Standards and are available as standard assemblies according to the number of strings, voltage and rated current. We provide configurations from 1 to 28 strings in a single IP66 IK10 GRP Enclosure to suit residential systems, commercial systems and utility scale photovoltaic systems.

String combiner boxes accommodate interconnection systems, overcurrent protection devices, disconnectors, lightning surge protection and a monitoring system with RS485 communication to improve efficiency and maintenance of the solar installation. A combiner box reduces time and cost by avoiding unnecessary site assembly, wiring and certification activities.

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