Solutions for Resources and Mining

The new intelligent future.

Today, Australia’s resources and mining industry faces many challenges. The industry has weathered storms of economic volatility, fluctuating prices, declining extraction, high costs, globalisation, safety and environmental pressures but now it faces what could be the greatest challenge of all, the emergence of new technologies. Not competing technologies but the utilisation of technology solutions for resources and mining industries to enhance greater efficiencies.

There is no doubt that modernisation projects are essential for mining operations in Australia with BHP and Rio Tinto leading the way in the growing trend of mine site automation through data intelligence, integration, robotics, autonomous vehicles and remote control initiatives.

However, as mining companies and mining equipment suppliers develop innovative technologies to improve production efficiency and sustainability to remain competitive, the adoption of the wrong technology could prove costly and the lack of adoption could mark extinction for the equipment supplier.

For many suppliers to the mining industry, the process of developing their mechanical and process equipment with the latest technology is daunting. Tro Pacific is helping to turn this greatest challenge into the greatest opportunity. We are assisting equipment suppliers to modernise their products and equipment by providing telemetry, monitoring, automation and custom control system solutions for the resources and mining industry.

Are you an equipment manufacturer looking to develop new or existing control solutions for resources and mining equipment? We can help you develop your products and equipment to incorporate new innovative technology solutions for resources and mining. Contact Tro Pacific today and take your products and equipment into the new intelligent future.

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